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Revisiting the Classics with Emily Stransky

She must have been a plumber in her past life

The weather forecast for Wednesday was less than promising. After trudging through lakes of rain water to get to class, I was almost sure we would not be able to follow through with our plans to play Super Mario Bros. for the NES.

My misfortune suddenly dissipated when I noticed the rain had stopped and a two-hour window with a semi-open skyline was ripe for the taking. That’s when Emily and I decided it was all systems go for setting up camp on Washington Quad.

After wading through an entire parking lot with no available spots, we settled for a nice, long walk carrying a flat screen television and possibly the most influential gaming console ever produced, the Nintendo NES.

We found an outlet and began to play.

“I’m sorry I dominate at this game,” she says while crushing each level and finding all the hidden points. The side scrolling platformer, released in 1985 was a massive success for the Nintendo Corporation and launched Mario as the highest grossing video game character of all time.

Finally, Emily lost all of her lives and turned the reigns over to me. Sadly enough, my beloved childhood memories did nothing to help my skill at the game. Sure, when I was younger I cruised through the game like a pro. I’m blaming it on all the games I’ve had to play since then. Needless to say, my inner kid was very upset with my performance.

During our session, we encountered many students who shared the same nostalgic awe that we did. Considering we are all striving so hard to become adults, it was nice to see so many students willing to reflect on the golden days.

A huge thanks to Emily for all that she did. Not many people can say they reached the turtle ninjas playing on Washington quad.


Super Smashing with Jeffrey Lue

Jeff (far right) and myself (center) playing with some new friends. Photo credit: Jimi Gipple

There are few games that define the ultimate dorm room gaming experience. Super Smash Bros. is one of them.

Jeff is a senior business major who began playing Smash his freshman year while living in Ellicott hall as part of the Gemstone program. While sitting on the sundial the other night, he recalled the many hours wasted playing inside the dorms.

To make sure we weren’t “wasting” our time, we decided to haul a hefty TV onto the middle of the mall and let our inner gamers stir up some on-campus ruckus-rousing.

What started off as Jeff whooping my Yoshi tail with Samus turned into a memorable outdoor gaming event at the heart of UM.

We only stayed for an hour, but we played with a pair of salsa dancers, a member of the FreeThought club, and a runner preparing for his Marine marathon (not forgetting to bring two extra controllers was a miracle. Instead, my bucket head forgot to eat dinner).

After a consistent string of victories for Jeff, he was finally dethroned by the marathon runner, a resident of Garret Hall, who then decided it was good time to continue his nightly jog. Good thinking on his part, Jeff is about as nice at losing smash as Peach is at competitive tea-partying.

Throughout the session, we were greeted by dozens of spectators who took a few minutes to watch me lose every game. Although humiliating, everyone was excited seeing a bunch of strangers whoop up on Yoshi. Then again, who wouldn’t?

For those interested, we’ll be doing this again. If you have a game you’d love to play, shoot me an e-mail at


From One Gamer to Another

I would like to dedicate this first post to my family, friends, and professors who put up with my many obsessions– one of them, obviously, being video games.

Another is cheese, but that’s not what this blog is about.

Gaming is undergoing a sort of revolution. Everyone, in some way, is playing them. Whether it be on a console, PC, mobile phone, or Internet, the gaming community is more diverse now than ever before.

I love games, but I can’t keep up with them. Which is probably why I’ve started this blog—to see for myself what games you guys play.

I look forward to seeing what happens…

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