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Jane McGonigal: “Gaming Can Make a Better World”

There is an important bridge being built between real and virtual worlds. Through virtual simulation, we are able to occupy a space where rules and parameters are defined by the creativity of its developers.

This sort of application can have a drastic impact on the way we observe and solve real-world problems. Jane McGonigal,  a game designer and games researcher, specializing in pervasive gaming and alternate reality games, delivers this TED talk in which she discusses the extreme potential of gaming as a means to better the world.

McGonigal, along with many others, are on the future track to utilize games as productive texts that can shape and improve our surrounding societies. This sort of work, although in its infancy stage, can eventually provide us with opportunities to play games and help people.

Imagine what will happen if we can harness the power of every gamer to make the world a better place.