Parasitic Assignment 1/4 Mad Science

So I’ve been stuck in a writing rut for the past couple days.  It all started with a fresh supply and a pick-me-up attitude. Then, I awoke to a blank word screen–the same one that was blank much earlier in the day.

Now I’m here checking out the blog I thought to hard while working on. It has everything it needed, but of course I wanted it to be that much more. I at least need to add some more content. My plan is to reward myself by putting up a new post every time I complete a final assignment, of which I have four. And all of them, oddly enough, have something to do with video games.

Holy fucking shit, I’m such a dweeb. Whatever, these posts should throw me back on course to success.

Posting at the end of every final should work– ’cause if it doesn’t I’m blown. No biggie, I’ll have plenty of leisure time at work tomorrow while proctoring exams. The keyboard I drool over is really nice, only problem is that the computer gives off an even larger blank screen to stare over.

I’m not too worried about finals. I do have till the 17th to put the fire out on the semester. Then ill be wrapped up in my winter cacoon. And when I come out, life should be a little sweeter. I think.

Until then, I’ll be trudging along trying to lay the finishing move on these parasitic assignments. I’ll just save the games for later.


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