My 2010 Holiday Gaming Guide

This year, the holiday season has been shadowed by evil professors and looming projects. Already its December 9th and I don’t have a clue what I’m doing.

Of course, the top item on my list is money. Greedy, dirty money. I’m a student, its WHAT I NEED!! However, since my parents are veteran gift givers and spit on such requests, I have taken the liberty of putting together the top four gaming gifts for the 2010 holiday season.

#4- A sexy gaming monitor

So I dumped off my old–and quite capable–computer monitor to my needy roommate. It was put to great use over the past two years, but I figured it was time for change. Thinking I was going to buy a new one right away, I eventually realized that this semester was not the right time to shell out the big bucks on a huge monitor. Thank god for Christmas. This season, I want a 24″ gaming monitor

# 3- NBA 2k11

I love sports, I really do. But I can never find the time or dedication to follow a specific sport in great detail. Well, its time that I grow up and do manly things–like watch basketball. I am no good at the sport, but after playing NBA Street and NBA 2k10, I’ve realized that this is a sport that can satisfy my interests in both the real and virtual world. NBA 2k11 is the best made basketball game to date, and It would be a shame if I didn’t own it.

#2- Vintage video game shit

I need more wardrobe options. As it stands, my clothes are comprised of earthly tones and grungy jeans. Not cool, and very unprofessional. After bouncing around online, I found tons of cool posters, shirts, and accessories (follow down to middle of article) for old school video games. The best thing about them is their subtlety. Fellow gamers will appreciate the designs, but it’ll fly under the radar with most people. I imagine its the closest thing I can do to becoming a video game ninja.

#1- OnLive Gaming System

And at the top of my list this holiday season is the OnLive Gaming system. This new console type, which streams all of its games online, is only $99 and gives you access to dozens of cool games. So far, their game library includes hits ranging from Borderlands, the Prince of Persia series, and Batman: Arkham Asylum. I have always admired these games, but don’t have the freaking money to buy them. OnLive also offers a standard montly subscription to play through their games library. Uh, $9.99 a month to play some of the greatest games of years past? I’ll happily accept the challenge.


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