The Non-Violent Gamer

Earlier today, I was asked to give a presentation on the artistic merit of video games. I really had no idea where to begin.

I started off just fine, talking about my upbringing as a gamer and how I was fascinated, even at an early age, with being inside of a story. I recalled sitting in front of the television playing Crash Bandicoot and intensely wondering what the evil Dr. Neo Cortex will do next. The class was kind enough not to laugh.

Then, in the middle of my presentation, I began to discuss the non-violent nature of video games. This certainly threw them for a loop.

I started off talking about how video games were born and cultivated from animated violence, but have now reached a point where creation, not destruction, can be the focal point of a game.

The first video I showed was of ThatGameCompany’s “Flower.” Immediately, the class was glued to the screen.

In Flower, there is no obvious conflict. You simply control the wind and collect/deposit as many flowers as possible across the many different landscapes.

The next video I presented was of an upcoming game called “From Dust” by Ubisoft.

From Dust allows the player to control nature and its elements. The best part about this game is that the environments are free-flowing and can be physically altered with the touch of a button.

The end of my presentation triggered a quick discussion on how video games can be used to ‘create’ rather than destroy. Unfortunately, the game industry feels that the market is thirsty for blood, guns, and mayhem, so they continually dish out big-budget games that satisfy this supposed craving. While some gamers take delight in such games, there are others, including myself, who are ready for a change of scenery– a non-violent world for non-violent gamers.




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