Blog Imitation Exercise (for class)

This post inspired me to write about what gaming means to me.


Because I have not discovered a blog that is similar to what I’m trying to do, I thought it would be appropriate to explain how my passion for gaming came to be (sort of like what this article attempts to do).


Every gamer has their tale. A story that illustrates how it all began. It explains why we always rescue the damsel in distress and save the world from being destroyed by a religious alien cult. Mine begins with the most familiar of childhood settings, a bedside story. My mom’s goal was to instill a love of reading in me at a very young age. We started off with the classics, Dr. Seuss, Charlie the Caterpillar, and I Am Special, and then moved our way into more serious literature like The Three Musketeers, Moby Dick and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.


Elder Scrolls: Oblivion - The game that got me hooked

More than anything, I enjoyed listening to my mom read out loud. I could picture the stories in my head and build entire worlds from becoming familiar with the book’s settings and characters. One night, I might sail the high seas as a pirate and then summon dancing spirit giants the next. Because of these and many other stories, my imagination ran relentlessly.

Sadly, her hopes to cultivate my love for reading at a young age fell short. Once I could read the stories on my own, the look of the text distracted from my ability to form detailed scenes in my mind. It was then that I turned to television, movies, and video games to provide the stories I needed to replace my then boring children books.

Bioshock- The game that inspired me to work in the industry

Shortly after my jump into visual media, I became bored with what television and movies were offering, but the experience of playing video games stayed true to my interest. Although movies and television were exciting, I could no longer identify with my favorite characters after the credits started to roll. In addition to this, my imagination grew frustrated knowing that despite how hard I possibly tried, the stories were never tangible. Even if I watched something for a second time, all it felt like was a boring deja vu.

The years passed and my passion for video games grew tremendously. They allowed me to do everything movies and television failed at doing.

I suddenly found my way to be inside the stories.



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